Yom Le Silence de l'Exode

The volcanic, virtuoso clarinettist Yom takes us on a journey through the history of the Jewish exodus. Le Silence de l'Exode tells the story of their departure from Egypt to begin long years of wandering through the Sinai Desert: thousands of men in a no-man's-land, decades without feeling the passing of time, thousands of miles covered as if they were getting nowhere… This is a hypnotic journey across a mystical desert, one where oriental cellos converse with Iranian percussion, the double bass and the clarinet. Its score comes from the heart of a founding myth.



Yom : clarinets, composition
Farid D. : cello
Claude Tchamitchian : double bass
Bijan Chemirani : zarb, daf, bendir


Le Silence de l'Exode was commissioned by the Ile de France festival in 2012