Hildegarde Von Bingen (1098-1179) is certainly one of the most extraordinary and accomplished female figures of the Middle Ages. A Benedictine nun, abbess, mystic, woman of letters and science, musician... she enjoyed a great notoriety during her lifetime.
The German abbess left a rather enigmatic and marginal text called "lingua ignota", an unknown language, composed of about a thousand words. The only imaginary language that has come down to us from the Middle Ages and whose question of the meaning of the work remains unknown.
What did she look for? A secret means of communication or was it a gift Hildegarde would have had?
From this enigma Yom and Elise Dabrowski were inspired to create this duo clarinet and voice.
In this duet at no time is it a question of evoking the music of the Middle Ages but to prolong a freedom of invention.
Through its melisms, spun sounds, arpeggios, Yom's breath also becomes a coded language...
Elise uses certain Hildegarde words (botanical, zoological, medical vocabulary), then invents her own words spontaneously in echo.
Multiple games of sounds, senses, melodies mix and unravel to offer an intimate and singular journey alternating moments of serenity, ardour and sweet trance.
Yom, clarinet, composition
Elise Dabrowski, voice