YOM & THE WONDER RABBIS (re-creation)

Yom & The Wonder Rabbis debut album With Love was released in 2011. At the time, the project clearly marked the rise of a new stage and a new generation of musicians producing a music that unashamedly blended their passions for music from elsewhere, surprising and different, with a claimed pop-culture. Their return next season unequivocally reprojects this step towards the dancefloors and conjoint the virtuosity that has made the clarinetist's reputation.
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Hildegarde Von Bingen (1098-1179) is certainly one of the most extraordinary and accomplished female figures of the Middle Ages. A Benedictine nun, abbess, mystic, woman of letters and science, musician... She left a rather enigmatic and marginal text called "lingua ignota", an unknown language, composed of about a thousand words.
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YOM & QUATUOR IXI Illuminations

Yom’s first venture into composition for strings was marked by “Le Silence de l’Exode”. After that it was only logical that he should turn to the string quartet – so important in Western art music, as exemplified by composers from Mozart to Bartok, Ligeti to Schubert, – which offers boundless possibilities for exploring sound textures.
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In this unusual duo for clarinet and organ, Yom, a specialist in the music of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, joins forces with Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard, who is head organist of St Eustache in Paris, the biggest organ in France, and is an international concert artist as well as a church musician.
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Yom & Wang Li Green Apocalypse

One of them is from China, a self-taught Jew's harp player who plays exclusively solo. The other, a clarinettist, was born in Paris where he studied at the Conservatoire; his group plays Jewish music from the East, but not only that.
Having tamed such different Orients, Yom and Wang Li have created their own music-lexicon, neither Sino-Jewish nor Judeo-Chinese, but resolutely traditional, definitely contemporary, and definitively respectful.

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