Yom & Wang Li Green Apocalypse

© Thomy Keat

One of them is from China, a self-taught Jew's harp player who plays exclusively solo. The other, a clarinettist, was born in Paris where he studied at the Conservatoire; his group plays Jewish music from the East, but not only that.
Having tamed such different Orients, Yom and Wang Li have created their own music-lexicon, neither Sino-Jewish nor Judeo-Chinese, but resolutely traditional, definitely contemporary, and definitively respectful.
Their confrontation – and also their complicity – occupies terrain which, in these troubled, disturbing times, is also filled with mutual concern regarding the excesses of intense nationalism and the havoc which Man has created in his natural environment.
Their album Green Apocalypse is their musical and ecological manifesto.

Yom : clarinets, bass clarinet, composition
Wang Li : Jew's harps, calabash flute, composition

"The astonishing fusion of the klezmer clarinet and the Jew's harp from China is an unheard-of explosion of sound. Its furious breaths, organic vibrations, flights of meditation and strange riffs are now immortalized with the visionary album 'Green Apocalypse'." Télérama Sortir

"This album is a living object which shakes the listener and causes him to marvel; this hybrid set free from all convention is a rare musical species." Mondomix

"This is about the discovery of others through the real-time construction of ecological harmony. It is humanistic, salutary and invigorating." Jazz News




Underground Storm


March 2012 - Buda Musique / Socadisc