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From traditional klezmer with a twist to electronic, not forgetting rock, Americana, classical and contemporary, as well as totally unclassifiable forms, this insatiable polymath, in pursuit of the absolute, never loses sight of his vision of music, his approach to the human soul, and his need for universality and spirituality, which over the last few years has led him to draw inspiration from sacred music to develop his own language.

Albums to discover  :

album yom alone in the light


In this intimate, nocturnal album, Yom heads out in search of an ancestral heritage buried deep within himself. Unseen shadows shrouded by history who leave an atom of themselves in each of us, who shape us and sometimes find expression with or through us.(....) 

(By Adrien Dupuis Hepner for Accent Presse)

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album Yom Celebration


"Usually there are no hard and fast rules. My albums are instinctive: everything comes out of the blue, and by the time I finish, I understand what they mean and why I imagined them the way I did. (....) 

(By France Music)

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album yom you will never die


Seven years after their debut album, With Love, Yom and his friends, the Wonder Rabbis, are back for a journey to the heart of raw, primal, bubbling energy, with a massive sound, to get people dancing again.(....) 

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album yom priere

PRIÈRE ( 2018 )

“Yom is a passionate nomad. For almost twenty years, he has traversed musical territories and registers. With each project, he invents a new way to make his clarinet work for him. Guided by rich and original artistic encounters,(....) 

(By Laurent Bayle, Director General of the Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris.

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album yom songs-for-the-old-man


"After 7 albums indirectly devoted to my mother's cultural heritage (Jewish origins in Transylvania), I devised "Songs for the Old Man" as a reinterpretation of the American exile of my father, who left for the United States in the 1950s.(....) 

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album yom le silence de exode


This new work was commissioned by the Festival de l'Île-de-France as part of a theme on diaspora. The clarinettist turns his attention to the historic and seminal episode of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, (....) 

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album yom empire of love


Always on the lookout for new sensations, Yom's The Empire of Love takes you into a new are in time and space, somewhere between the French touch, cyber klezmer and science fiction jazz ...  (....) 

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album yom green apocalypse


A Jew and a Chinese man (one not precluding the other), both passionate about traditional music and new technologies, both driven by spiritual and concern about the climate, met one fine day at the Musée des Arts Premiers .(....) 

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album yom-with-love

WITH LOVE ( 2011 )

Yom is back with his new band, the Wonder Rabbis, and we discover that under his shirt he's wearing a new costume...  (....) 

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album yom unue

UNUE ( 2009 )

An exhilarating series of duets inspired by Yom - the "New King of the Klezmer Clarinet" - through a wide range of musical encounters. Both colourful and meditative, this suite charms and surprises, moves and disturbs, transports and uplifts. (....) 

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album New King of Klezmer Clarinet


This album is a tribute to Naftule Brandwein, the brilliant and whimsical klezmer clarinettist who emigrated from Galicia (Ukraine) to the USA and proclaimed himself King of the Klezmer Clarinet, a challenge that Yom has taken up with talent and humour. (By Denis Cuniot, pianiste klezmer)

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