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album yom-alone-in-the-light

Release date : 2023

YOM : composition et clarinet

LEO JASSEF : piano

In this intimate, nocturnal album, Yom heads out in search of an ancestral heritage buried deep within himself. Unseen shadows shrouded by history who leave an atom of themselves in each of us, who shape us and sometimes find expression with or through us. In the company of shadows, and yet, alone... Alone in the Light follows the path of a long inner quest that explores secrets, time lost and found again. But while he may sometimes rage violently in response to storms and tragedies, Yom's clarinet opens a voluptuous path towards a tranquil light. Like the promise of a peaceful dawn...

Album cover : Katja Lang

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CD album

Vidéo : © Paul Frère

Vidéo : © Paul Frère

Vidéo : © Paul Frère

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