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album yom-songs-for-the-old-man

Release date : 2016

YOM : composition and clarinet

AURELIEN NAFRICHOUX: arrangements, guitars, steel guitar

GUILLAUME MAGNE: guitars, dobro, banjo



“After 7 albums indirectly dedicated to the maternal cultural heritage (Jewish origins of Transylvania), I conceived “Songs for the Old Man” as a re-interpretation of the American exile of my father who left in the 50s in the States United.

A collection of clarinetistic folk songs that I "sing" for my father, to my father, but also to all those who spend their lives on the road, nomads, hobos, displaced persons, refugees, with the desire to mix my various influences from Eastern Europe to “Americana”.

I decided to entrust the arrangements and the musical co-direction of this new formula to five as well as the artistic direction of the disc to Aurélien Naffrichoux, whose Americana is really the culture and the passion. It was he who transformed my original compositions into real songs and who took the side with the engineer Ludovic Palabaud of this totally acoustic and "roots" sound with only live takes also made possible by the incredible quality of the musicians present on the album: Sylvain Daniel on bass with whom I've been working for more than 10 years (bassist of Wonder Rabbis among others), Guillaume Magne on folk guitar, brilliant instinctive, poetic musician and Mathieu Penot on drums, with absolute sensitivity perfect for the project.

The record was largely produced in the studio of Denis Barthe, drummer of Noir Désir, where I had already mixed two previous albums: a magnificent place, a real Landes ranch lost in the depths of the forest, surrounded by horses and wild animals, pines as far as the eye can see and 4x4 pick-ups… America in France, a perfection to make this record! Add to that the drawings of Fanny Ducassé, a great artist who has written and designed several children's books, whom I asked to create the visual universe of the disc: she has produced one of my most beautiful covers here, an interior frieze almost a meter long that could be called like one of the songs from the album "on the infinite road", of a mind-blowing dreamlike beauty"


Album cover : Fanny Ducassé

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